Thank you for attending HarrisMartin's recent CLE conference. Please read the following information carefully, as it pertains to the CLE credits you will receive for your participation in this event.


    ✓   Please make sure that you signed sign-in sheets FOR EACH STATE for which you will seek credit. Sign-in sheets were available at the registration desk for the duration of the event. If you did not sign in, please contact HarrisMartin's CLE Department immediately.

    ✓   A CLE CERTIFICATE will be posted to your myHM page once each state has approved the course. You can download directions on accessing your CLE certificate through your myHM page here. Remember: Each state has different criteria when it comes to approving CLE courses and it is possible that you will receive a CLE certificate for one state before another. You will receive credits before state-specific deadlines.

    ✓   Notification that your CLE certificate has been posted to your myHM site will be sent to the EMAIL ADDRESS you used when registering for this event. If you would prefer it to be sent to a different email address, please contact our Conference Department.

If you have any questions regarding CLE Credits that was not addressed in the above points, please don't hesitate to contact Vicki Gilbreath, HarrisMartin's Conference Director or another member of the Conference Department.