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Minneapolis 'Fourth Wave' Complaint Alleges Playing in Vermiculite Caused Illness

MINNEAPOLIS - The next of kin of four Minneapolis residents blame the illnesses of their loved ones on the contaminated vermiculite they played in as children, a complaint filed on Oct. 3 states. Hrbek, et al. v. Certainteed Corp., et al., No. 00-14010 (Minn. Dist. Ct., Hennepin Cty., 4th Jud. Dist.).

The lawsuit is among the so-called fourth wave of asbestos-related suits, according to plaintiffs' attorney Mike Sieben. The fourth wave follows a flood of lawsuits by spouses and children who were exposed to asbestos that workers carried home.

Florence Dymanyk, Olga Weyek, Eleanor Schultz, and Kathleen Haider lived as ...

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