STORY FROM: Benzene & Emerging Toxic Torts Litigation

Plaintiff Says Defendants Misstate Pleading Requirements in Seeking Dismissal

LOS ANGELES - Plaintiffs alleging injury from workplace exposure to benzene said in opposition to a defense demurrer that they have met the liberal pleading requirements for toxic injuries actions and dismissal is unwarranted. Hoover v. Aervoe Industries Inc., et al., No. BC338906 (Calif. Super. Ct., Los Angeles Cty.).

Kenneth M. Hoover Jr. and his wife, Lilliana G. Hoover, allege in a complaint filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court that Kenneth Hoover became ill with scleroderma and other injuries because of exposure to benzene in products made by defendants Aervoe Industries Inc., formerly known as Aervoe-Pacific Co., and ...

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