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C-8 MDL Court Issues Pretrial Orders, Rejects DuPont’s Challenges to Expert Testimony, Specific Causation

COLUMBUS, Ohio –– The MDL Court overseeing the C-8 personal injury multidistrict litigation docket has denied DuPont’s challenge to the plaintiffs’ expert testimony and motion for summary judgment on specific causation in cases set for trial in 2020, according to recent orders.

In Evidentiary Motions Order No. 27, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio denied DuPont’s motion to exclude the opinion and testimony of Dr. Vitaly Margulis; in Dispositive Motions Order No. 35, the court denied DuPont’s motion for summary judgment based on specific causation. Both orders were entered Dec. 18.

In a pretrial order issued ...

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Order No. 27
Order No. 35

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