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Parties in Piano Worker’s Benzene Suit Reach Settlement Agreement, Outline Stipulations

CHICAGO –– Parties involved in the benzene lawsuit of a former piano worker who tuned and refurbished pianos have reached a settlement agreement, according to recent documents filed in Illinois federal court.

In a stipulation and agreed order filed May 23 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, the parties explained that they entered into a settlement of the action and further listed out agreed upon stipulations, including that there was no evidence that the plaintiff used toluene or other-benzene containing products from RPM Wood Finishes Group Inc.’s predecessor.

Plaintiffs Joseph and Carole Kupiszewski asserted ...

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Notification of Docket Entry (Dismissal)
Notification of Docket Entry (Termination)
Stipulation and Agreed Order

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