STORY FROM: Benzene & Emerging Toxic Torts Litigation

Pa. Jury Reaches Defense Verdict in Favor of U.S. Steel, Berryman at Conclusion of Benzene Trial

PHILADELPHIA –– A Pennsylvania jury has reached a defense verdict in favor of U.S. Steel Corp. and Berryman Products Inc. at the conclusion of a benzene trial, rejecting the plaintiffs’ claims that exposure to solvents caused the decedent to develop aplastic anemia.

The Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas for Philadelphia County jury reached the verdict on May 4. Judge Linda A. Carpenter presided over the trial.

Plaintiffs Paul and Donna Simmons asserted the underlying claims, contending that Paul Simmons’ aplastic anemia was a “direct and proximate” result of his use of benzene-containing products manufactured and supplied by the defendants.


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