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Calif. Court Outlines Schedule for General Causation in Roundup MDL; Denies Request to File Under Seal

SAN FRANCISCO –– The federal court overseeing the national coordinated docket for claims relating to Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup has denied plaintiff requests to file documents under seal, in addition to outlining the remaining schedule for general causation.

According to Pretrial Order No. 24 issued on May 26, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California outlined the following schedule for the remainder of the general causation phase, asking the plaintiffs to supplemental expert reports by June 30 and asking Monsanto to submit its expert reports by July 31.

Additionally, Monsanto’s motions for summary judgment and Daubert motions will ...

Associated Documents
Pretrial Order No. 24
Motion to File Under Seal
Pretrial Order No. 25

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