STORY FROM: Talcum Powder Litigation Report

Talc Defendants in California Coordinated Docket File In Limine Motions in Anticipation of Trial

LOS ANGELES –– The parties involved in what will be the first talcum powder trial to take place in California state court have filed a number of motions, with the defendants in part challenging the general causation opinions of the plaintiff’s proposed experts and moving for summary judgment.

The separate motions were filed May 26 in the California Superior Court for Los Angeles County by lead liaison counsel for the defendants and, in part, argued that the plaintiffs’ proposed specific causation opinions “are made for litigation, unscientific, and/or speculative, and are based on unreliable methodology.”

All the motions were filed ...

Associated Documents
Motion for Summary Judgment
Steinberg/Plunkett Motion
Specific Causation Motion
General Causation Motion

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