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Next C-8 Personal Injury Trial Underway in Ohio; Court Weighs in On Testimony Prior to Trial

CINCINNATI –– The third trial to take place in the coordinated federal docket for personal injury claims relating to C-8 is underway, kicking off on Nov. 14 with jury selection.

According to civil minutes entered on Nov. 28 by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, the parties questioned Robert Bahnson, M.D., an expert whose testimony the defendants contested prior to trial.

The claims of Kenneth Vigneron Sr. are part of the first non-bellwether trial of the more than 3,500 cases in the multi-district litigation docket. Vigneron said he developed testicular cancer as a result of C-8 ...

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Nov. 14 Civil Minutes
Nov. 28 Civil Minutes
Bahnson Order

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