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Texas Federal Court Selects 10 Pinnacle Hip Implant Cases for Sept. 2017 Trial

DALLAS –– The federal court overseeing the national coordinated docket for Pinnacle Hip Implant claims has issued an order asking that 10 more cases be prepared for a jury trial slated to begin in Sept. 2017.

In the Nov. 8 order, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas selected the cases after conducting its own review of potential bellwether selections.

The cases selected are Alicea (No. 15-03489), Barzel (No. 16-01245), Buonaiuto (No. 14-02750), Cousin (No. 13-00244), Heroth (No. 12-04647), Kirschner (No. 16-01526), Miura (No. 13-04119), Riedhammer (No. 11-02460), M. and A. Stevens (No. 14-01776), and E. and ...

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Nov. 2 Order
Nov. 8 Order

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