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Plaintiffs Oppose DuPont’s Post-Trial Briefing in C-8 Case That Ended in $5.6 Million Verdict

CINCINNATI –– Plaintiffs who were awarded $5.6 million at the conclusion of the second bellwether trial to take place in the C-8 personal injury multidistrict litigation docket have opposed DuPont’s post-trial motions, maintaining that the verdict was grounded on “proper legal and factual basis.”

In a Sept. 1 brief filed with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, the plaintiffs maintained that well-settled law mandates that the court must “do everything possible to harmonize and not disturb the Jury’s verdict.”

“The seven-member jury unanimously determined that DuPont was liable for Mr. Freeman’s damages,” the plaintiffs said. “The ...

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