STORY FROM: Hip & Knee Implant Litigation

Fla. Court Grants Plaintiff Motion to Compel in Coordinated Docket for Claims Relating to Biomet’s M2a Hip Implant

SARASOTA, Fla. –– A Florida court overseeing the state’s coordinated docket for claims relating to Biomet’s M2a hip implants has granted motion to compel filed by the plaintiffs, ordering the defendant to establish an independent basis for the privilege asserted as to each document.

In the June 27 order, the Florida 12th Judicial Circuit Court for Sarasota County opined that attaching an document to a privileged email does not make the document immune.

According to the court, Biomet responded to the plaintiffs’ first request for production in June 2015, providing 12 sets of privilege logs totaling over 6,000 pages. ...

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