STORY FROM: Shale Gas Litigation

Pa. Landowners Oppose Drilling Firm's Motion to Depose Their Attorney

PITTSBURGH - A group of Pennsylvania landowners suing the Energy Corporation of America for additional natural gas royalties are opposing the defendant's motion to compel the plaintiff's co-counsel to testify to his pre-trial investigation of the defendant's leasing practices. Pollock, et al. v. Energy Corporation of America, No. 10-1553 (W.D. Pa.).

David F. Pollock and his 10 co-plaintiffs filed an Emergency Motion for A Protective Order March 13, asking the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania to prevent ECA from questioning their counsel about pre-litigation information he gathered about the defendant.

The Pollock plaintiffs filed this class ...

Associated Documents
Amended Complaint
Motion for Protective Order
Feb. 23 Motion to Compel
Feb. 28 Motion to Compel

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